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Lexa Doig To Join The Cast of “V”

Joining fellow Stargate SG-1 actress, Morena Baccarrin, Lexa Doing will be joining the cast of the new series when it returns to television on March 30th, 2010 after a mid-winter hiatus… (sheesh, since when did TV shows starts taking extra breaks???…)



Stargate Universe Writer Asks For Your Help With The New Season


Stargate writer and consulting producer for SGU Joseph Mallozzi took to his blog asking the Gaters for input while he's scribbling away on the new season. Here's your chance to tell them to throw the stones out the airlock.


Stargate Universe Gets An Old School SG-1 Villain


Looks like some of your Stargate writing tips sunk in, the second season of SGU is adding a new big bad.

Spoilers ahead.



Syfy's Sanctuary Help To Save Haiti's Children



Two of the principals behind the hit Syfy series Sanctuary are urging fans of the show and of science fiction in general to do their bit for Haiti. Star and executive producer Amanda Tapping and creator, writer, and executive producer Damian Kindler are behind the campaign, conducting it under the banner of the non-profit foundation Sanctuary for Kids.



Jason Momoa Cast as “Conan, The Barbarian”

View Image

Jason Momoa of “Stargate Atlantis” has been cast starring in the title role as the Cimmerian swordsman and adventurer, “Conan, The Barbarian”, along with Mickey Rourke….



Stargate Pyramid PC

A built-from-scratch PC that resembles the Pyramid starship in the TV series, Stargate…


Created by science fiction fan/modder Henk Hamers (aka “Gup”), this incredible casemod gets its inspiration from the famous pyramid/spacecraft from the Stargate series.




MacGyver Creator says “NO” to MacGruber Film


Lee David Zlototof, the creator of the popular 1980’s TV show “MacGyver”, makes some big noise over the release of the SNL film which features, “MacGruber”…



See Michael Shanks on “Supernatural”, hear about his "dream" 'Five-O' role and read about his view of the next SG-1 movie…

Michael Shanks wants

Michael Shanks, who is best known for his role as Dr. Daniel Jackson on Stargate SG-1, will soon be gracing the world of “Supernatural”.


Michael Shanks has also admitted that landing the part of Danno on the new Hawaii Five-O remake would be a "dream come true".


Michael Shanks Thinks 'Stargate SG-1' May Be History

Actor Michael Shanks is pessimistic about reprising the role of Dr. Daniel Jackson in future DVD movie spin-offs of the sci-fi series Stargate SG-1, according to SCI FI Wire. Shanks was part of the regular cast for most of the series' 10-season run and appeared in two direct-to-disc movies, The Ark of Truth and Stargate Continuum, that were released in 2008.



Louis Gossett Jr. Being Treated for Prostrate Cancer


E! News reported Gossett was diagnosed as having the early stages of the disease.

The 73-year-old Oscar winner is best known for his work in the movies "An Officer and a Gentleman," "Toy Soldiers" and "Iron Eagle," as well as for his roles in TV's "Roots," "Sadat" and "Stargate SG-1."



Scoregate: Composer Says He Composed Music for Stargate SG-1, Denied Cue Sheet Credit

Film and television composer Alex Wilkinson says he composed original music that has been used in 30 episodes of the hit television series “Stargate SG-1” and is being denied cue sheet credit for his music by series composer Joel Goldsmith. Goldsmith strongly denies the claim and says Wilkinson’s work on the series was orchestration only.



Stargate studio files for C11 bankruptcy

CEO shown the door after serious accusations of wrongdoing…

The future of Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment was thrown into doubt over the weekend after it was discovered the studio has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.



John Guilfoil has some interesting comments in his recent article…

“When Blast interviewed Michael Shanks last month, we learned that the new, anticipated “Stargate SG-1″ straight-to-DVD movie does not exist yet. That is, it’s not under production as of now. MGM is out of money and for sale, and they own all the rights to Stargate.”

Golden Gate med

“What the next Stargate SG-1 movie should do”

By John M. Guilfoil

John Guilfoil is the editor-in-chief of Blast: Boston’s Online Magazine

Dennis Miller’s Most Fascinating People of 2009

“But I don’t find Barbara Walters as the gatekeeper on the “who’s fascinating” stargate to be a good choice. O’REILLY: OK. But listen, what you think goes …”


Mystery … the light seen over the Norwegian sky

spriral over norway

“The phenomenon was visible for over two minutes, could be seen for hundreds of miles, and was witnessed by thousands of individuals. It has been dubbed “Star-Gate,” and theories of its origin range from a misfired Russian missile, a meteor fireball, northern lights, a black hole, and alien activity. The only thing that everyone agrees upon, including scientists and the military, is as of now its appearance is a mystery – and is like nothing ever seen before.”



A Fan Spends $70 K to build a Stargate Theater!


“Just when you thought that you were the biggest Stargate fan there is, along comes Jacob Yarmuth who backs it up not only with words but money and a passion, resulting in a Stargate Atlantis home theater theme that costs a whopping $70,000.”




Ratings Deliver Harsh Verdict on ‘Stargate Universe’
By Michael Simpson

“Stargate Universe heads into its Christmas hiatus, one thing is clear: some viewers are not keen on …”

Stargate and Other Ratings From Syfy Channel 12-8-09 [Cinema …
By Bruce Simmon at

“Stargate Universe’s mid season finale probably had its best ever episode, but the showrunners have alienated the installed fan-base for the show and others aren’t quite catching on because they think it’s Stargate, when in fact, it’s another beast altogether!”

Stargate Universe: SGU ratings sink to series low 1.34 million for fall finale

”While I have seen some live+7 numbers for SGU that suggest when it has been lower, it has made a lot of it up with Live+7 DVR viewing, there’s no getting …”

Stargate Universe Ratings: Steadying, or Falling? |
By Nix

“The site has a comprehensive ratings break-down for the first nine episodes of “Stargate: Universe”, and depending by your point of view, the show is either falling or steadying itself. The show, of course, premiered to great numbers …”


Gatecon 2010 will be fan-run convention’s last

“Gatecon has been holding events in Vancouver and London for a decade now, predating Creation Entertainment’s acquisition of the “official” Stargate …”


Syfy’s Dave Howe on name change, DVRs, On Demand, Retrans and more

“Not a single reference to Stargate Universe though he did talk about what a huge global franchise Stargate is for MGM. Instead he talked about topics that …”


Stargate Atlantis’ Jason Momoa signing | The Forbidden Planet
By Joe


“Jason Momoa, best known to legions of fans for playing Ronon Dex in the popular Stargate Atlantis series. Jason will be in N&C from 4 to 6pm on Monday November 30th and fans in Northern Ireland can also rejoice as he will be heading …”

SGU’s Alaina Huffman Has A Baby Girl!

Congratulations to Alaina Huffman and her family!

The Stargate Universe actress gave birth to a baby girl today, Charley-Jane. In true twenty-first century social networking fashion, she even Twittered the event.

"10 cm, let's go! Just waiting for the doctor to arrive and I'll have myself a lil' baby!" she told fans via Twitter. Her post-birth tweet reported: “Awww, that was nice! Baby is healthy and lovely! Welcome My baby girl, Charley-Jane."

The actress, who plays Lt. Tamara Johansen on the new Syfy series, is married with two other children.

As previously reported, we don’t know yet if the actress’s pregnancy will result in a parallel storyline for T.J. near the end of SGU’s first season, or if the producers decided to write and shoot around it. Filming wrapped in October, when Huffman was about seven and a half months pregnant.

"You have to watch," Huffman told SCI FI PI in an interview following her announcement. “I think every actor on the Stargate franchise has had one or more kids. [The writers] know what they are doing, and they know how to deal with it. I can’t give away spoilers whether we are or are not going to entertain that possibility. You’ve just got to keep watching!”

Stargate Universe returns with new episodes in April. Should the show be picked up for a second year, filming is expected to commence in late February or early March.

Gateworld and Twitter

Shanks, Anderson return to SGU in ‘Subversion’
Michael Jackson and Richard Dean Anderson will be appearing in “Subversion” episode 18 of SGU, which will serve as a lead-in to the two part season finale.

Michael Shanks will also feature in the SGU episode “Human” where we discover more about Dr Rush’s background in the series.

Read Michael Shanks full interview in TV Guide Magazine.
Information obtained from Gateworld:

Morena Baccarin TV’s Newest Star!

Morena Baccarin has really hit the big time in the new television re-make of the 1983 science fiction series called “V”which recently premiered on ABC.

v promo w baccarin w logo

The premise of the show for those of you who may not have seen the show is about a race of aliens who suddenly visit earth in 29 gigantic spaceships claiming to come in peace…their tagline is.…”We are of peace. Always.” (Yeah, right!)

Morena Baccarin, a 30 year-old Brazilian born New Yorker, who has starred in a variety of programs such as Firefly and Serenity as “Inara and a Stargate SG-1 alum, as “Adria” is now playing “Anna,” the supreme commander of the alien race currently hovering over all the major cities of the planet earth.

00 Ark of Truth - Adria 400x571300-x-300-morena-baccarin v

Sporting a brand new haircut, remnicient of Audrey Hepburn and Halle Berry and probably being blessed by every hair salon across the country, “V” has done wonders for ABC ratings with 14.3 million viewers among adults 18-49 on the night of the premiere, on November 3, 2009, easily the best numbers for any new show this season.

“V” will air in two parts, with four episodes before the holidays, and the remainder in 2010 right after the Olympics are over. During this hiatus, you can catch Morena Baccarin in the upcoming big screen drama “Stolen Lives,” alongside Josh Lucas and “Mad Men’s” John Hamm.

V CAST-400x500

Watch “V” on Tuesday nights at 8 pm on ABC

For more information about the show visit:

TV Guide Interview



See Michael Shanks as Smallville’s Hawkman
(Excerpts from interview)

Smallville’s first Hawkman costume photo , plus an Interview with Michael Shanks!

Here is the first sneak peek of Michael Shanks in the Hawkman costume he dons for Smallville’s highly anticipated two-hour movie event.

SHANKS-lg-hawkman Hawkman comic

The special, which features the Justice Society, airs February 5th, 2010.
In between practicing his flying stunts above the Daily Planet rooftop and Chloe’s Watchtower, the Stargate SG-1 alum spoke with William Keck from the Vancouver set:

It seems we’ll be seeing a lot of you soaring through the air, eh?

Yeah. There are a few scenes involving him flying into various sets. One of them is in Watchtower and we’ll also see him on the Daily Planet roof. And at the end of the day, Hawkman takes off his wings and hangs them in the closet.

How’s your flying been going?

Today’s my practice day. There’s no stunt guy, so I need to ace this so I don’t make Hawkman look like a goofball. It’s traditional wire work that involves strapping on this harness so that large men with giant arms can lift me up and manipulate me. I’m also swinging around Hawkman’s giant mace as a weapon.

And you’ll be reprising your Stargate character on two more upcoming episodes of Stargate: Universe?

Yes. I made a cameo in the pilot and they’re keeping me alive to pass the torch. The next one coming up is titled “Human”, and back-references my character first initiating Dr. Rush (Robert Carlyle) into the Stargate program, but my character exists more as a figment of Dr. Rush’s imagination. And then in “Subversion”, near the end of the season, we’ll see myself and Richard Dean Anderson helping out with an investigation where sabotage took place back on Earth.

You also have an episode of Sanctuary coming up?

I think I’m in episode nine playing a murky character named Jimmy who finds out he has a sketchy background similar to Kate Freelander played by Agam Darshy.

To read the entire article: Interview with Michael Shanks


MGM Studios For Sale!

This does not bode well for all the Stargate Fans who have been eagerly waiting for the next round of Stargate movies direct to DVD…

If you need more proof that the new “Stargate SG-1″ DVD is never going to get made, here it is: MGM Studios is seeking a buyer. The cash-strapped studio got permission from lenders to skip interest payments on loans through January as it seeks a merger or acquisition, possibly with Fox/News Corp., Time Warner, or Viacom. Rumors about a private equity fund also cropped up, but most reports have it that Lionsgate will come out ahead of a possibly bidding war. The New York Times values MGM at between $1.5 and $3 billion, down from the $5 billion that Comcast, Sony, and venture capitalists spent taking MGM private in 2004.

TBS’s new “The Very Funny Show” will debut November 19 at midnight, featuring stand-up comics talking about life on tour. The show will follow “Lopez Tonight.”

The CW is developing a medical school drama called “HMS.” Word is that Hayden Panettiere will executive produce it.

That’s it today. A worthless Browns/Ravens game is on “Monday Night Football” tonight. Enjoy.

John Guilfoil is the editor-in-chief of Blast: Boston's Online Magazine.
He can be reached at

An Interview with Amanda Tapping
(Excerpts from an interview with Jenna Busch of the Huffington Post)

Just when you thought sci-fi legend Amanda Tapping couldn't get any cooler...for eleven years, she starred as Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter in Stargate SG-1. Colonel Sam also appeared in twenty five episodes of Stargate Atlantis. She's guest starred on Stargate Universe. And she's currently starring in one of my favorites, Sanctuary. If you're not watching it, and you should be, Tapping plays Dr. Helen Magnus, a hundred-and-fifty-seven-year-old English scientist who runs a sanctuary for non-human creatures (vampires, mermaids ... the kind you don't see in zoos). The show is largely filmed in front of a green screen and was the first North American show to use the RED camera exclusively.

Ryan Robbins and Amanda Tapping in "Fragments"

“I know the last time I spoke to you at Comic Con, we talked about guest stars that you'd like to have on Sanctuary. And when I spoke to David Blue from Stargate Universe, he said he loves you and he'd love to be a guest on your show.

Would he really? That's awesome! [laughs] We'll have to get him on the show then!

I actually wanted who else you have coming up or who you'd like to get.

Jonathan Young comes back as Tesla in a big way.”

It's got to be great to do something different. After playing a role for eleven years, some people would get stuck.

I mean, all I can say is that I've been totally blessed. To have Sam Carter at that time in my life that I got that part, and as long as I got to play her, what a blessing. Because she's an amazing character. And I sort of thought, well, how do you top Sam? Where do I go from here? And then Sanctuary came along and Damian handed me the script with this amazing character, and now, at this time in my life, is sort of perfect timing. So yeah. And now I'm saying to myself, where would I go after Helen?

Speaking of Sam, I wanted to ask you about your guest spots on SGU and how many of those you're going to do.

Well, I've done two episodes. I did their first two-parter and I'm at the very end of their season. And I just shot that a few weeks ago. So I started their season and I'm ending their season, which was very cool. But I didn't get to play with anyone. That was my one, you know...if they were ever to have me come back, I'd want to be with people. [laughs] I'm kind of off on my ship, which I think is awesome. I have to say, when I got to work, and I saw the uniform and the General Hammond crest on it, I teared up. I think it's a great honor to, not only Don, but to the character. (note: Don S. Davis, who played Major General George Hammond passed away in June, 2008.) So that was very cool. But I'm up in my ship and I don't get to play with anyone.

Michael Shanks and Amanda Tapping in "Penance."

To find out about Michael Shanks’ upcoming guest appearance on Sanctuary and much more, read the entire article at: Interview With Amanda Tapping

Sources: Amanda Tapping Online, Huffington Post Online

Film Grad Produces “Stargate Universe”

Since the first film of the franchise was released in 1994, Stargate has captured the imagination of sci-fi fans the world over. Each incarnation of the franchise – including the mega-successful Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis – carries the hefty responsibility of steering the massive fan base to a new cast of characters and set of circumstances.

Film Production grad John G. Lenic is one of the key players doing just that for the franchise’s newest series, Stargate Universe. The series debuts on Space on October 2, 2009.

John recently took some time out of his schedule to shed some light on how he contributes to the Stargate world.
Hi, John. Could you start off by explaining your role in Stargate Universe, and what kinds of responsibilities it entails?

JGL: My role at Stargate Universe is that of the Producer. That means that along with my showrunners, Brad Wright and Robert Cooper, I am responsible for the financial well-being of the series. That includes the budget, management of the cast and crew, making sure we can bring in the series on budget and on schedule after shooting 20 episodes per season. We spend approximately $50 million per year and employ approximately 250 people during the course of our shooting season, which runs from February until October.

You’ve been with Stargate for a while now. How has the franchise changed?

John G. Lenic

JGL: I have been with the Stargate franchise since December of 1996. It has changed so much yet so little over the past 13 years. In my opinion the biggest thing to change over the course of the 3 series has been the cast. The cast really set the tone for how well a show can work. We have been so lucky, for the most part, to have a wonderful cast to work with everyday. Folks like Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks, Chris Judge, David Hewlett, Rachel Luttrell, Robert Carlyle, Louis Ferreira, and Ming-Na are a few of the people that have made the last 13 years such an amazing experience for me… such a pleasure to be around them and see them everyday.
The stories on Stargate Universe are also so different then the last two shows. The scripts this year have been more about relationships and the people as opposed to fighting the bad guy of the week. The dilemmas are much more internal and far deeper. I have to applaud the writers for the job they have done on the scripts thus far. The episodes are nothing short of ingenious.

For those who love Stargate, you are going to love this reinvention of the franchise, and for those of you who have never watched an episode, please watch the pilot as you will see that this show really is something new, and Robert Carlyle is phenomenal. I am personally very proud of the work we have done this year.

For the benefit of current students and recent grads, could you describe your start in the industry? How did you make the transition from VFS grad to Producer?

JGL: After VFS, my start in the industry came when a Canadian producer, Raymond Massey, came to scout my parents’ house for use in the feature film Whale Music. I told him that if he needed any help, I would do anything. He told me to come to his office the following week and he would buy me lunch. Well, after that lunch, I never left his office. I worked with his other assistant, Shauna Bryan (another VFS Film Production grad), except I did it for free for a while, just absorbing anything I could – from budgeting to scheduling – he showed it all to me. When we started prepping the movie, the company was able to pay me $25/week. I learned so much, and with the other friends and VFS grads that were hired on the show, I loved every minute of it and made some great life long friendships.

After that, I went on to be Tracey Jeffrey’s assistant on several TV movies of the week. I worked with her on 11 of these ultra low budget ($1,650,000 — 16 day shoot) movies. This was all about being creative, as we didn’t have much money.

In September/October of 1996, I remember hearing that Stargate was going to be shooting in Vancouver and wanting to work on it, because I knew it would give me the opportunity to learn so much about working with everything from special effects explosions to visual effects and green screens. I got a meeting with Michael Greenburg and Richard Dean Anderson and they hired me to run the day-to-day workings of their personal production company (Gekko Film Corp.) and take care of them on Stargate as well as development for their company, and all the other projects they had on the go at that time. As Gekko had a financial interest in the show, and with my knowledge of budgets and numbers, Mike and Rick relied on me to stay on top of the budgets and cost reports with their interest in mind.

Stargate Universe

From there, MGM announced during the first season that the show was going for four seasons, and we decided that development for Gekko should be put on hold while Stargate was still happening. At that point Brad Wright and MGM offered to get me a DGC membership and move me into a Unit Manager role, as I was performing that role already.

From that point on, I worked under N. John Smith and Brad Wright and they groomed me to take over as a Production Manager in Season 3 and so on and so forth, until they moved me into a Producer/Production Manager role in Season 8 of SG-1. After that, I went on to Atlantis as the Producer/Production Manager, and then into the position of Producer on Stargate Universe.

It was while working on Atlantis that David Hewlett and I became friends, and went on to produce a low-budget movie between seasons. We made A Dog’s Breakfast for $120,000, and MGM distributed it. We decided in October that, come hell or high water, we were going to make a feature in January and set that as the start date. David wrote the script, cast his sister and some Stargate alumni, and that was that. We did it. We set our minds to it and just made it happen.

What do you think is the most common mistake young film professionals make?
JGL: I know it will sound cliché, but it’s not truly believing in yourself. Never lose focus of what your end goal is, but know that it is going to take baby steps to get there. Make sure you really take the time to enjoy, learn, and focus on each step you take along the way.
Stargate has a large, vocal fan base. How does that affect your job?
JGL: The fans are fantastic and for as much as they are vocal about things that they don’t like, they applaud and are even more vocal and supportive about the things they like.
It has been hard with the new cast recently because they read everything and often get down on themselves when they read that people aren’t even going to give the new show a chance if Chris Judge or David Hewlett aren’t on it.
I feel bad for this new cast because they shouldn’t be made to feel that way. It isn’t fair when people knock something before even giving it a chance. The new cast is doing such a fantastic job, it is amazing how these fans affect their mood just by writing those sorts of things. It happened on Atlantis when SG-1 ended too, but it has been the topic of conversation several times in the last few months.

The Cast of Stargate Universe

It looks like you’ve recently joined fellow Stargate alum David Hewlett on Twitter ( Why did you sign up?

JGL: Hewlett has been on there for a year or two, and I never really cared about telling people what I was up to, but now, most of the cast from Universe are on there, and I have had so much fun hearing and listening to the things they have written about on a daily basis. I guess you could say that I gave into the peer pressure to try it out. So far my favorites are David Hewlett, Ming-Na and David Blue. They always have something interesting to say. If my perspective can help people, or if I can answer questions that help others on their career path, then I am glad to be a part of it.

After one look at your IMDB page, it’s clear that there’s been a steady upward progression in your career. What do you hope to do next?

JGL: For now, I love the show I am working on and the people I work with. It is important to me to focus on working with people that I want to be around and developing projects that I would want to see. I have a few things in development, and I think it is time to make another feature. I will keep you posted.

Please do!

Best of luck with Stargate Universe, John!

…..and as always….

Have A Very Stargate Day!

Source: Vancouver Film School Blog

The Third Stargate SG-1 Movie “Revolution” is Announced!

RDA - atlantis08 Richard Dean Anderson

The working title for the next Stargate SG-1 movie has been revealed. Stargate: Revolution will reunite the cast of the long-running show, including former lead Richard Dean Anderson.

The title has announced at Stargate writer-producer Joseph Mallozzi’s blog.

Revolution will be the third DVD movie for the SG-1 team — if it gets made, that is. After reportedly giving the production a green light this past spring (story), MGM placed it back in drydocks along with the Atlantis movie, Stargate: Extinction.

As of last spring, the intention was to shoot one or both of the movies this fall, with the SG-1 film apparently taking priority in the production schedule. But continuing economic pressures have prevented MGM from committing just yet (story).

Stargate: The Ark of Truth and Stargate: Continuum filmed in 2007 and were released in 2008.

The script for the SG-1 movie has been written by Brad Wright and Carl Binder, who are currently serving as executive producers on Stargate Universe, with a story reportedly set sometime between Continuum and the start of SGU. Wright told fans at this year’s Vancouver Stargate convention that “I had a story idea that really worked with O’Neill. And it’s not just his character, by any means. It’s a Stargate story that brings O’Neill back in a big way.”

….and as always….

Have A Very Stargate Day!

Source: Gateworld & Joseph Malozzi’s Blog

Brian J. Smith Cast in Poirot’s Murder on the Orient Express

Brian J. Smith 4

Stargate Universe co-star Brian J. Smith has been cast in the upcoming TV movie Murder On the Orient Express, an adaptation of the classic Agatha Christie mystery novel. It’s one of four films in the 2009-2010 season of the long-running British series Agatha Christie’s Poirot.

Smith plays Lt. Matthew Scott on SGU, which is currently airing its first season on Syfy in the U.S. and Sky1 in the U.K. The actor made the announcement on Twitter, but his role on Poirot is still unknown.

Poirot stars David Suchet as the fictional detective Hercule Poirot, and has aired on ITV in the United Kingdom since 1989.

The movie reportedly starts filming this month in the U.K. Filming on Universe’s first season wrapped in October, with a hopeful second season tentatively set to begin in Vancouver in late February or early March.

Smith also announced this week that he’ll make his first (non-Comic Con) convention appearance at Chevron 7.4, January 29-31 in Birmingham, England. The convention is hosted by Massive Events. (His SGU cast mate David Blue (“Eli Wallace”) appeared just this past weekend at Chevron 7.3, in Northampton.)

Catch Brian in “Time,” this week’s new episode of Stargate Universe, Friday at 9 p.m. (8 Central) on Syfy.

Source: Gateworld

Stargate Universe - Ratings Drop Amid Controversy

Seems like Stargate Universe has hit a bump in the road or to put it in more appropriate vernacular, a huge asteroid belt.  On October 31, 2009, longtime Stargate writer,
Joseph Mallozzi, left an ill-conceived rant on his popular blog denouncing disgruntled fans who had posted crude and negative opinions over various internet sources, such as twitter, syfy and even his own blog, all voicing their extreme displeasure about the new incarnation of Stargate.  There are now over 500 posts on Mr. Mallozzi's Blog with regard to only this topic. 

On October 1, 2009, Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune on wrote her own unflattering review of SGU, mirroring what the fans had been saying, which in turn stirred up Brad Wright, one of the producers of Stargate Universe, who slammed back with his own rebuttal which can be found in Ms. Ryan's second article on November 8, 2009, where she claims that she has now stopped watching Stargate Universe.

So far it looks like everyone is losing in this Stargate tug of war.  The writers and producers of the show seem entrenched in their belief that if the fans don't like it, then that's too bad and the fans are responding by not watching the show and posting about it everywhere. 

SGU's ratings have fallen almost 18% in the US not long after it's phenomenal premiere at the beginning of October from 1.974 million viewers to 1.626 million viewers as of last Friday's episode.


A Stargate Poll
  • Absolutely LOVE it!
  • I like it
  • Can take it or leave it
  • I dislike it
  • Absolutely HATE it!
  • What's a Stargate?
Created on Nov 7, 2009

Sanctuary For Kids!

Amanda Tapping has once again shown herself to be a real class act.

                                  Amanda Tapping

Ms. Tapping, Damian Kindler and Jill Bodie of the popular SyFy television show, Sanctuary, have gotten together to create "Sanctuary For Kids" (S4K), a non-profit organization whose mission "is to improve the lives of children around the world who need protection and are in crisis – those who are exploited, dispossessed and threatened."

                                    Damian Kindler                                                   Jill Bodie

According to their website, they will accomplish this by doing the following (great for us too!)

      S4K will accomplish this mission in two fundamental ways:

  • Fundraising through online auctions and donations
  • Donating those funds to existing programs around the world where it has been determined an immediate need is evident and a tangible difference will be made by applying these funds
And so to that end, here is their November Auction List:

1.  Skype Chat
This entitles the highest bidder to a twenty minute personal Skypechat with Amanda Tapping, Damian Kindler, and Martin Wood via Skype. Valid for 6 months. Details to be arranged after the auction.

                          Amanda Tapping, Martin Wood and Damian Kindler

2. Set Tour:

Win a behind the scenes tour and lunch with Amanda Tapping, series star and executive producer, on the set of Sanctuary in Vancouver.

3.  Sanctuary Memorabilia:

Bid for a Sonic Stunner, a prop weapon seen on several episodes on Season two.

4.  Name a Character

The highest bidder of this auction will win the rare opportunity to choose the name of a character in the third season.

            Way to Go, Amanda Tapping!  Keep up the great work!



Best Ratings Ever For SyFy

According to a SyFy Press Release, they are having some of their best ratings ever for October. The two October premiers of Stargate Universe and Sanctuary have performed quite well with SGU receiving 2.85 million viewers, and Sanctuary receiving 2.4 million viewers. 

SyFy Press Release:

New York, NY – October 27, 2009 – Extending its summer ratings surge into fall, Syfy smashed yet another viewership record with its most watched October prime in history among total viewers (1,452,000), Adults 18-34 (308,000), Adults 18-49 (733,000), Adults 25-54 (797,000), Women 18-34 (141,000), Women 18-49 (356,000) and Women 25-54 (378,000).Syfy jumped to #3 in A25-54 and #4 among A18-49 versus all basic cable entertainment networks – its second best monthly ranking ever in these demos behind December 2002 when Steven Spielberg’s record-setting Taken premiered.

The record October performance was fueled by strong ratings from Stargate Universe and Sanctuary — which both premiered this month — Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth, the two highest-rated paranormal investigative series on television, along with the annual 31 Days of Halloween spook-a-thon.
The original movie premiere of Megafault on October 10 delivered 2.6 million total viewers, Syfy’s best original movie premiere in over two years (April 2007).

Syfy also reported that in the Third Quarter, $75K+ A18-49 delivery increased by +21% vs. 3Q ‘08.

October Syfy Ratings Highlights (includes full viewing data)

  • The current 5th season of Ghost Hunters is shaping up to be its best ever in key demos and marks the best season ever for any Syfy original series in A18-49.
  • Ghost Hunters is averaging a 2.1 HH Rating, 3.0 million total viewers, 861,000 A18-34, 1.86 million A18-49 and 2.0 million A25-54.
  • The first season of Stargate Universe is averaging a 2.1 HH rating, 2.85 million total viewers, 1.5 million A18-49, and 1.7 million A25-54. Compared to the last season of Stargate Atlantis, SGU is up +59% in A18-34, +41% in A18-49, +33% in A25-54 and +36% in total viewers.
  • Destination Truth is also on track for its best season ever. Season three thus far is averaging a 1.7 HH Rating, 2.2 million total viewers, 684,000 A18-34, 1.35 million A18-49 and 1.4 million A25-54.
  • The second season premiere of Sanctuary delivered a 1.8 HH rating, 2.4 million total viewers, 493,000 A18-34, 1.25 million A18-49 and 1.5 million A25-54. This marks a series high performance in A18-34.
  • The Fall 2009 season of Scare Tactics is averaging a 1.1 HH rating, 410,000 A18-34, 818,000 A18-49, 825,000 A25-54 and 1.56 million total viewers. Compared to the Fall 2008 season, Scare Tactics is up by +29% in A18-34, +37% in A18-49, +33% in A25-54, and +42% in total viewers.
  • The original movie premiere of Megafault on October 10 delivered 2.6 million total viewers, Syfy’s best original movie premiere in over two years (April 2007).


New Stargate Contests

I LOVE Contests!

The Stargate SG-1 Dialing Up Sweepstakes

     The Stargate SG-1 Dialing Up Sweepstakes

Stargate SG-1, the longest consecutive running North American sci-fi television show is beloved by critics and fans around the world.  Keep the legacy alive!  Enter now for your chance to win** a copy of Stargate SG-1 Dialing Up: The Official Guide to Seasons 1-5.  Many will enter, but only 5 lucky winners will be chosen at random!



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Stargate Magazine: Special Download Edition - FREE!

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Stargate Fans
Titan Magazines has a present  for you
It’s a free downloadable edition of
Stargate Magazine

The issue focuses on Stargate Universe and includes a guide to the new show, inside the writers’ room, and interviews with stars Robert Carlyle and Louis Ferriera.

There’s also a salute to Daniel Jackson, an interview with Ben Browder and a look at the Wit and Wisdom of Rodney McKay. That’s a little something fans of every Stargate incarnation.

To download this Stargate Magazine: Special Download Edition, visit:

While you’re there, sign up for the special Stargate sweepstakes to win a “money-can’t-buy” prize!

Photo courtesy of Titan


David Hewlett Cast with Rachel Weisz in New Indie Film


"Stargate Atlantis” alumnus David Hewlett, who’s appearing in the forthcoming straight-to-video movies that will wrap up the “Atlantis” story, was recently cast in an indie film called “The Whistleblower,” GateWorld reported.

The movie films in Romania and is about the true story of a Nebraskan police officer who outs the United Nations for covering up sex trafficking.

Hewlett plays an American U.N. peacekeeper who’s suspected of being involved in the elicit sex trade. It’s a far ways away from his nerdy scientist character in Stargate.

"The Whistleblower" also stars Rachel Weisz, Vanessa Redgrave, David Strathairn and Monica Bellucci, so it’s the real deal.

GateWorld also said that MGM gave Hewlett a green light on a script he’s working on. No details about that just yet.

John Guilfoil is the editor-in-chief of Blast: Boston's Online Magazine. He can be reached at


SGU’s Alaina Huffman is Pregnant!


Alaina’s due date is December 9, she told Twitter readers. This puts her at about seven and a half months at the conclusion of Season One’s filming. Should SGU be renewed, filming will likely start in late February.

Stargate Universe co-star Alaina Huffman is pregnant, the actress told SCI FI PI — the Australian broadcaster’s official Web site — today.

The show is heading into its final week of filming for the first season. So with production on a hopeful second season gearing up in February, will the show’s writers include the pregnancy in Lt. Johansen’s storyline — or shoot around it?

“You have to watch,” Huffman smiled. “I think every actor on the Stargate franchise has had one or more kids. [The writers] know what they are doing, and they know how to deal with it. I can’t give away spoilers whether we are or are not going to entertain that possibility. You’ve just got to keep watching!”

Stargate’s last pregnancy was Rachel Luttrell’s, which was turned into an on-going storyline in Atlantis’s final two seasons. But others, such as Amanda Tapping’s maternity leave during the start of SG-1’s ninth season, were written around (in that case, with a 5-episode leave of absence).

Huffman is married with two children. She told the site that SGU is an ideal environment for a working actor with a family.

“It’s my dream,” she said. “It’s an ensemble cast, so I am afforded the ability to walk my kids to school and sometimes pick them up, or sometimes both, and still work and still have tons of time off every year. … I couldn’t ask for a better job or a better situation.”

In the full interview, Huffman also talks about settling into T.J.’s character in the first season, the off-screen friendships she has developed, and more. Watch it now at
SCI FI PI.  Part 2 of the interview is coming soon.

Stargate Universe airs Fridays at 9 p.m. (8 Central) on Syfy in the U.S., and Fridays at 8:30 p.m. (with new episodes airing one week later) on SCI FI Australia.

Congratulations to Alaina and her family!

Source: Gateworld

Gemini Awards Industry Gala 2009, Stargate Atlantis & Sanctuary Win Awards

The 24th annual Gemini Awards Industry Galas was held on October 19-20 in Toronto, Ontario at the Sound Academy was and hosted by Ennis Esmer (The Listener) and Zoe Palmer (The Guard).

43 awards were presented in children's and youth, comedy, drama, and variety categories.

On October 19th, 44 awards were presented in news, sports, documentary, and lifestyle categories.

Vancouver-based series Stargate Atlantis picked up two awards and Sanctuary received one.

The final broadcast gala will be presented on November 14 at the BMO Centre in Calgary, Alberta (shown on TV at 9 p.m. PT).

Here are the Stargate winners of the awards presented that evening:

Best Achievement in Make-Up
Todd Masters, Leah Ehman, Brad Proctor, and Kyla Rose Tremblay, all of Burnaby, and Holland Miller of Vancouver for Stargate Atlantis (Vegas)

Best Visual Effects
Lee Wilson, Caleb Ashmore, Matthew Belbin, Sebastien Bergeron, Ken Lee, Lionel Lim, Mladen Miholjcic, Lisa Sepp-Wilson, and Philippe Thibault, all of Vancouver, and Les Quinn of Burnaby for Sanctuary (Sanctuary For All Pt.1)

Best Writing in a Dramatic Series
Brad Wright (White Rock, B.C.) for Stargate Atlantis (The Shrine)

Sources:  Various

Michael Shanks Heads to “Smallville”


SciFi Wire and IGN have reported the news that Michael Shanks, of the “Stargate” franchise, will play Hawkman in the Justice Society episode of “Smallville”. The episode will be written by fan-favorite Geoff Johns.

Shanks (“Daniel Jackson”) will play the classic DC Comics hero, Hawkman, in the episode, titled “Society,” according to IGN.  The episode is penned by comic book writer Geoff Johns.

Sources:  Newsarama and Gateworld


Justice For Jason Momoa


Stargate assailant gets 5 years in jail

Published: Oct. 7, 2009 at 10:26 PM
United Press International

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 7 (UPI) -- A Los Angeles judge Wednesday sentenced Dominic Bando to five years in prison for assaulting "Stargate Atlantis" actor Jason Momoa, officials said.

Momoa needed 140 stitches after Bando hit him in the face with a pint beer glass that shattered during an altercation at the Bird Cafe in Los Angeles last year.

The Los Angeles Times said Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Judith Champagne sentenced Bando to the five-year state prison term Wednesday and scheduled a restitution hearing for next month.

Bando pleaded no contest to the charge of assault with a deadly weapon.

© 2009 United Press International, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Universe first airing in the UK.

The first episode of Stargate Universe will air on SKY1 at 8pm on Tuesday 6th October not as originally stated. 

 Watch the new trailer or check out the October edition of the sky mag.

here to visit sky's universe page and to watch the trailer.

The premier will be a 2 hour long episode from 8-10pm followed by a half hour interview with the new stars of Universe.  10-10.30pm.

Meet the Man and Sanctuary Experience featuring Richard Dean Anderson and Amanda Tapping.
Pre-Registration is now open.
Seek out more information about both GABIT events including registration and FAQ by visiting the official RDA website and following the links provided.
Or visit GABIT to register for Meet the Man.

Stargate's David Hewlett as Grand Marshal of Parade!


David Hewlett Appearance
in Point Roberts, WA


David Hewlett (Rodney McKay)
will be appearing in Point Roberts, WA,
on July 4th as Grand Marshal of their parade

See for details on the parade.

He will also be signing autographs and taking a picture with his fan club, the Vancouver Stargate Meetup, of which I am the proud organizer, afterwards. Point Roberts is a peninsula belonging to the US, which can only be accessed through Canada. David Hewlett owns a house there and lived there while filming Stargate Atlantis. From the States, you need a passport and have to get through two borders to get there. From Canada, you need a passport but only have to cross one border. The lines to get across will probably be pretty long that day - especially since I'm spreading the word far and wide.

Please check our group out at
For those of you in the area this looks like lots of FUN!!!


Stargate's Richard Dean Anderson's New Home!

Architectural Digest
Richard Dean Anderson

Malibu 0 - 1250x1618

Andy and Daisy

Malibu 1 - 1250

Malibu 2 - 1250

Malibu 3 - 1250

Prepare yourself ladies...

...this is where THE MAN sleeps!

Malibu 4 - 1250

Malibu 5 - 1250x1618

Where is the kitchen?

Malibu 6 - 1250x1618

Malibu 7 - 1250x1618

Don't you just wish

these pictures would go on and on...!

Thank you to Architectural Digest
for this wonderful array of photos and article

on Richard Dean Anderson

Architectural Digest Cover June 2009


Good Luck to Rachel Alexander and her jockey Calvin Borel,
she is the only filly against a field of colts today at 4:30pm EST on NBC
at the 2009 Preakness Stakes

Rachel Alexandra w jockey Calvin Borel



More Guest Appearances on Stargate Universe!


It looks like Stargate Universe will packed with Stargate guest stars according to various sources, including SG-1 cast members Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks and Gary Jones, as well as Christopher McDonald, Janelle Monáe (who will play herself) and Carlo Rota.

Anderson is scheduled for the most guest appearances according to the actor himself as written on his website. (Yay!)

Janelle Monáe, a Grammy-nominated recording artist, will play herself; “she and her band will perform “Many Moons” and “Sincerely,” two songs from her latest album, Metropolis,” according to the article.

Carlo Rota (24) plays Carl Strom, “head of the International Oversight Advisory, the civilian oversight committee that heads up the Atlantis Expedition.” Strom’s first mention is in the episode “Earth” written by Martin Gero.

Sci Fi Wire states that the casting of Christopher McDonald, who plays “U.S. senator Alan Armstrong, head of the International Oversight Committee that governs the Stargate program is also the father of Chloe Armstrong” (Elyse Levesque).

All of this is great news for all Stargate fans......but that leaves us all with the following question.....



Stargate Universe is Coming Soon!

Stargate Universe

New Show - New Cast - New Fun!

The New Cast


Robert Carlyle (Dr. David Rush);
Alaina Huffman (MSgt. Tamara Johansen);
Elyse Levesque (Chloe Armstrong); David Blue (Eli Wallace);
Ming-Na (Camille Wray); Justin Louis (Everett Young);
Jamil Walker Smith (Ronald Greer); Brian J. Smith (Matthew Scott);
Lou Diamond Phillips (Telford)

The Characters

"As anticipated, the team is led by an older veteran officer, Colonel Everett Young. Young is described as "like the Jack O'Neill of ten years ago, but Young's edges have tended to sharpen over time." The show's producers are looking to cast an established, "name" actor in this role.The rest of the cast of characters is made up of young men and women, mostly in their early to mid twenties. (Keep in mind that when Stargate SG-1 began in 1997, Michael Shanks was also in his twenties.)"

Colonel Everett Young
40's handsome, capable, former SG team leader. Like the Jack O'Neill of ten years ago, but Young's edges have tended to sharpen over time. He requested permission to serve the remainder of his commission on Earth upon marrying his wife, Hailey, two years ago, but for now he's temporary commander of a secret off world base. The loss of two members of his team several years ago has taught him never to take anything for granted, and be prepared for anything. He stays on top of his team so they stay alive. STAR NAMES ONLY. SERIES REGULAR;

Tamara Jon
20-25, all ethnicities (Asian Preferably). SGC Field medic, Captain grade. Off world experience. Beautiful, tough, smart, capable. Paramedic level training. Able to triage serious injury. Modest background. Dreamed of being a doctor but couldn't afford medical school and the Air Force was her best option. She ends up being the most medically inclined person on the ship but is overwhelmed by the lack of knowledge and experience treating seriously wounded and ill patients. She also lacks the medicine and supplies and has to make do. SERIES REGULAR;

Chloe Carpenter
20ish. Stunning and sexy. Daughter of a U.S. Senator. Silver spoon upbringing and a little spoiled but not stupid either. Politically and socially savvy. Dreams of following in her father's footsteps but for now she's a bit of a party girl in her first year at an Ivy League school. Her father's tragic death and the dire circumstances of being trapped on a spaceship seriously tests her character. SERIES REGULAR;

Eli Hitchcock
20-25. Total slacker. Utter genius. Mathematics, computers, anything he puts his mind to. Acerbic sense of humor. A social outcast. Comes from a broken home. Lacks confidence because his true intelligence has never really been recognized like Matt Damon's character from Good Will Hunting with a little Jack Black thrown in sptv050769. SERIES REGULAR;

Lt. Jared Nash
20-25. Junior S.G.C. team member. Officer material but green and rough around the edges. Every teenage girl's fantasy. Like a college quarterback thrown into his first pro game, he is thrust into the role of leader well before he's ready for the responsibility and must learn to take command, earn respect through action, and manage the diverse personalities on the ship to keep everyone alive. Like Jason Bourne, he is skilled and well-trained however he is mentally unprepared for the urgency of the situation. SERIES REGULAR;

Ron "Psycho" Stasiak
20, all ethnicities. Marine. Big, strong, silent. You want him on your side. You don't want him mad at you. Lacks control over his temper in non combat situations. His past is a mystery but it's clear something dark formed the hard shell around him. Yet, there must also be some moral center because otherwise he'd kill everyone around him. Think Eric Bana's character "Hoot" in Blackhawk Down. SERIES REGULAR.


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